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Risk & Gap Assessment Service

Cyber Security Risk Assessment | MCPL

The Primary purpose of the Information and Cyber security maturity assessment is to determine where an organization falls short of meeting its IT goals, standards, or compliance requirements. These risks are related to IT infrastructure and can include financial, operational, strategic, legal, or reputational risks.

Microscan Communications systematically evaluates the maturity of the Information and cybersecurity practices of an organization's processes, procedures, systems, or compliance with industry standards and regulations. (e.g., ISO27001, PCI-DSS, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, IEC62443 etc.)

Our process involves identifying and categorizing risks, assessing their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence, and prioritizing them based on their significance. We include a gap analysis report detailing findings and recommendations for improvement. Our risk assessments lead to the development of risk management strategies for the management.

Cyber Risk Assessment Provider in India | MCPL

Type of Our Assessments :

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Information & Cyber Security
Risk Assessments

Our first step is to identify and document all the digital assets and resources within an organization, such as servers, databases, software, hardware, and sensitive data. With the help of automated and manual processes, we identify potential threats and risks that could impact the information and data systems of an organization. We involve industry-recognized VA tools to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the organization's information systems. Once our team identifies threats and vulnerabilities, we assess the potential impact and likelihood of these risks. This analysis helps prioritize risks and determine which ones require immediate attention. We use ISO27001, PCI-DSS, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, IEC62443 etc. to perform the maturity assessment.

Information & Cyber Security Risk Assessments | MCPL
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Risk Assessments

Operational Risk Assessments | MCPL

We assess the effectiveness of various business processes, workflows, and operational procedures to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas where improvements can be made. We compare an organization's operational performance against industry standards or best practices to determine the gaps. Our process involves the risk associated with operational activities, including compliance, security, and other potential threats to the organization. We use maturity models (e.g., Capability Maturity Model Integration or CMMI) to assess and classify an organization's operational maturity level.

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Compliance Risk Assessments

We evaluate the current state of compliance within the organization and Identify areas of strength and weaknesses in compliance management by determining the scope of the assessment, including laws, regulations, and standards that apply to the organization. Our process includes gathering relevant data, documents, policies, and procedures related to compliance. We perform an automated approach to assess the effectiveness of compliance programs and initiatives against the defined framework or model. It includes manual efforts such as interviews, surveys, and document reviews.

Compliance Risk Assessments | MCPL
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Risk Assessments 

Network Risk Assessments | MCPL

We start by clearly defining the scope of the assessment, such as specific networks, systems, and assets to assess. Consider internal and external factors, including the organization's infrastructure, applications, and cloud services. We Involve the key stakeholders from various departments who can provide valuable insights into the importance of different assets and their

security requirements.


We use a tailored approach based on industry-known frameworks such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CIS Controls, ISO 27001, and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls. We conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks and systems, including a review of the Incident & recovery management process.

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Application Risk Assessments

We assess the maturity of web applications, mobile apps, APIs, or any software components critical to your organization. Our assessment is based on the OWASP SAMM (Software Assurance Maturity Model), BSIMM (Building Security In Maturity Model), or NIST Cybersecurity Framework. We use an automated tools approach to perform the maturity assessment, which includes vulnerabilities assessment & penetration testing. Our maturity assessment covers various aspects, such as governance, risk management, secure development practices, security testing, incident response, and more.

Application Risk Assessments | MCPL
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Policy and Process Gap assessments 

Policy and Process Gap assessments | MCPL

We identify the objectives of the maturity assessment and the scope of policies and processes, including meeting the compliance or best practices. Our maturity assessment is based on Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies), and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). We assess all relevant policies, procedures, and documentation related to the areas, including written process documents, guidelines, and standards. We identify gaps between the current state and the desired maturity levels.


Risk Analysis and Management | MCPL

Our Maturity Assessment Benefits

Risk Assessment Benefits | MCPL

Padmanabhan Iyer

General Manager Networks, Adani Data Networks Limited

We at Adani Data Networks Limited have visited Microscan Communications NOC and Cyber Defence Centre setup at Pune and indeed it is a state of art infrastructure ready to serve customers for any MS requirements. This is world class facility built on the foundational pillars of People, Process and Technology to cater to Mission Critical services. 


Adani Data Networks Limited sees Microscan as one of its probable strategic partners in its endeavour to provide dedicated and Quality services through NOC and SOC to ADNL ‘s customers.

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