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Managed Cloud Service Provider | MCPL


Simple Deployment, 70% Cost Saving

Microscan Communications Pvt. Ltd.


Mcloud | Microscan Communications
Managed Cloud Service Provider | MCPL

Experience Instant Application Deployment on Our Robust, High-Performance, and Scalable Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Welcome to our cutting-edge Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), where deploying your applications is a breeze! With our fully redundant infrastructure, you can count on seamless and reliable performance every time.

Mcloud | Microscan Communications
Mcloud- Automated Deployment | MCPL

Automated Deployment

Deploy Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Go, Python and Docker applications with no code changes using GIT, SVN, archives or integrated plugins like Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans,IntelliJ IDEA

Mcloud- No Capacity Planning | MCPL

No Capacity Planning

Mcloud seamlessly adjusts your application container's scaling in both vertical and horizontal directions, guaranteeing that you're only charged for the precise resources you use. No need for capacity forecasting or unnecessary resource usage. Mcloud employs finely-tuned 128MB cloudlets to optimize your resource allocation.

Mcloud- ​DevOps Automation | MCPL

DevOps Automation

The Mcloud dashboard offers an intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, log and config file access, team collaboration features, and seamless integration with CI/CD tools.

Mcloud- ​Pay-As-You-Use Pricing Model | MCPL

Pay-As-You-Use Pricing Model

Resource reservation is unnecessary as the platform dynamically allocates resources based on the current workload, employing a small scaling increment

Mcloud- Secure and Reliable | MCPL

Secure And Reliable

We are committed to delivering a secure and robust platform to our customers, backed by round-the-clock world-class technical support and a 99.99% uptime service level agreement (SLA) for all our services.

Mcloud- One Click Applications | MCPL

One Click Applications

Easily set up popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and more as standalone installations or load-balanced high-availability (HA) clusters with just one click from our Marketplace.

Network Redundancy

Mcloud- Network Redundancy | Microscan Communications

Ready Solutions


Improve websites performance speeding up a static assets delivery with powerful technology and exceptional simplicity. 64Tbps Network Capacity, 130+ PoPs, 6 Continents, 4K+ Interconnects

Mcloud- CDN | Microscan Communications

Padmanabhan Iyer

General Manager Networks, Adani Data Networks Limited

We at Adani Data Networks Limited have visited Microscan Communications NOC and Cyber Defence Centre setup at Pune and indeed it is a state of art infrastructure ready to serve customers for any MS requirements. This is world class facility built on the foundational pillars of People, Process and Technology to cater to Mission Critical services. 


Adani Data Networks Limited sees Microscan as one of its probable strategic partners in its endeavour to provide dedicated and Quality services through NOC and SOC to ADNL ‘s customers.

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