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Managed Cloud Services

Dependable Cloud Management Partner: Empowering Your Business Focus

Microscan Communication


AWS | Microscan Communications


Azure | Microscan Communications


Mcloud | Microscan Communications
Cloud Managed Service Provider in India | MCPL

Through Microscan Communications' managed public cloud services, businesses gain entry to established methodologies, effective management utilities, and experienced cloud experts to expedite their cloud transformation and maximize the benefits of their cloud implementations.

Our cloud management services at Microscan Communications aid enterprises in upholding robust cloud governance standards while ensuring optimal cloud operations. Leveraging our profound knowledge of cloud infrastructure and applications, we deliver heightened availability, unparalleled agility, seamless operations, advanced security and compliance, and sustained optimization throughout your business application landscape.

Cloud Managed Service Provider in Pune
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Our Support and
Managed Public Cloud Expertise

We provide steadfast support and vigilant monitoring of cloud environments.

Azure | Microscan Communications
AWS | Microscan Communications
Mcloud | Microscan Communications

End-to-End Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Deployment | Microscan Communications

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery | Microscan Communications

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud Security | Microscan Communications

Cloud Security

Cloud Managed Services | MCPL

Infrastructure Setup

Network & Storage | Microscan Communications

Network & Storage

Business Continuity | Microscan Communications

Business Continuity

Cloud Monitoring & Reporting | Microscan Communications

Cloud Monitoring & Reporting

Cloud Migration Services | Microscan Communications

Cloud Migration Services

Our 24x7 Cloud Support Services

We provide steadfast support and vigilant monitoring of cloud environments, catering to ambitious startups, thriving businesses, and every stage in between. With our top-notch 24/7 cloud support and monitoring service, a worldwide team of experts versed in AWS, Azure, Mcloud and more, as well as an array of cutting-edge managed services, we empower our clients to effectively oversee and fortify their environments. If you're in search of a cloud support team that goes above and beyond, be assured, we've got you covered.

Padmanabhan Iyer

General Manager Networks, Adani Data Networks Limited

We at Adani Data Networks Limited have visited Microscan Communications NOC and Cyber Defence Centre setup at Pune and indeed it is a state of art infrastructure ready to serve customers for any MS requirements. This is world class facility built on the foundational pillars of People, Process and Technology to cater to Mission Critical services. 


Adani Data Networks Limited sees Microscan as one of its probable strategic partners in its endeavour to provide dedicated and Quality services through NOC and SOC to ADNL ‘s customers.

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