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DevOps Consulting Services

Enhance Your Development and Operational Efficiency Through our Expert DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps Managed Services | MCPL

In Microscan Communications, the Digital DevOps team holds a central role in transforming software development and operations through the integration of contemporary methodologies and technologies. Their commitment to automation, ongoing enhancement, and teamwork lays the foundation for effective and impactful software delivery. We provide DevOps consulting services to our clients, encompassing various capabilities such as iterative and incremental development, on-demand workload management, lightweight architecture, security, and automated testing methods.

DevOps Consulting Company | MCPL

Our Portfolio of DevOps Services

DevOps Consulting Solutions

DevOps Solution Provider | MCPL

Enhance software quality, foster an agile mindset, and expedite application launches through our DevOps consulting solutions. Leveraging the cloud's capabilities and practicing continuous integration and development, we assist businesses in achieving their goals while minimizing expenses.

DevOps Deployment and Containerization Strategies

DevOps Deployment and Containerization Strategies | Microscan Communications

Streamline your end-to-end delivery pipeline, hasten software deployments, and proficiently manage container-driven workloads with our DevOps Deployment and Containerization Strategies. Our collaborative approach between development, operations, and containerization teams paves the way for businesses to gain a competitive edge.

DevOps CI/CD Services

DevOps CI/CD Services | Microscan C ommunication

Establish a robust continuous integration and delivery strategy that empowers you to confidently unveil new product iterations. With our DevOps CI/CD Services, businesses can establish a modernized pipeline, automating the entire product development cycle.

DevOps Release Management and Orchestration

DevOps Release Management and Orchestration | Microscan Communications

Tailor and automate release management processes to align with your specific business requirements with our DevOps Release Management and Orchestration services. Our experts facilitate the automation, optimization, and streamlining of workflows, ensuring swifter deployments.

Azure DevOps Integration

Azure DevOps Integration | Microscan Communications

Craft top-tier applications by harnessing the potential of Azure DevOps, a comprehensive orchestration and continuous delivery platform designed for swift releases and budget efficiency. Our DevOps experts comprehend the demands of contemporary enterprises, fashioning Azure interfaces that seamlessly function across all platforms.

AWS DevOps Solutions

AWS DevOps Solutions | Microscan Communications

Elevate your business's agility with AWS DevOps Solutions, offering automation of the development cycle, accelerated releases, streamlined cloud operations, and cost reduction. Our AWS DevOps architects are adept at delivering reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

Our Implementation Strategy

DevOps as a Service | MCPL
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Assessment and Strategic Planning

Our approach commences with a comprehensive DevOps assessment, where we define the envisioned state and identify measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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Pilot Framework Establishment

We consolidate your existing tools with our extensive repertoire of open-source and licensed software, creating a robust framework for seamless integration.

Our Implementation Strategy_1.png


Execution of Processes

Our strategy entails an in-depth process analysis, design, construction, automation, and implementation in the designated domains.

Our Implementation Strategy_1.png


CI/CD Pipeline Optimization

Bridging the DevOps divide is our expertise, achieved through continuous development, integration, testing, and deployment to ensure a smooth and efficient pipeline.

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Full Process Automation

We streamline the entire process pipeline, encompassing code generation to production, inclusive of builds, test cases, quality assessments, security measures, and more.

Our Expertise on Advanced DevOps Tools and Technologies

Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Service | MCPL
Microsoft Azure | MCPL
Mcloud | MCPL
Open Stack | MCPL

Configurations and Management

Ansible | MCPL
Puppet | MCPL
SaltStack | MCPL
Terraform | MCPL


Atlas | MCPL
AWS Cloud Formation | MCPL
Docker | MCPL
Kubernetes | MCPL