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Discover how we're helping industrial companies shift gears for growth

Today's world is rapidly changing on Technology front. Most of the Internal IT teams aren't equipped with latest technology and innovations, there approach is rather reactive than proactive. They struggle to keep up with growing demands of their organization.

Hence, Industries are looking for strategic partners with proactive approach as definition of stability and cost-effective solutions is changing every alternate day.

This is where Managed Service Provider (Microscan) fits in. We understand exactly what our clients from different industries need and how their processes work. We proactively suggest, implement and maintain technological advancements necessary for organizational growth, take complete responsibility and accountability from start to finish.

We offer :

Centralized Account Management
Reliable Single Point of Contact
Cost-effective Solutions
Flexible Service Model
Unified Processes
Multiple Time Zones Support
Strategic Vision & Relationship
Security & Compliance Business Continuity

Financial Services & Insurance

Feel Secured with our Zero Trust Approach and emerge as winner, as we transform/digitize your business.

Microscan is the partner that banks can bank on. Banking Industry is going through a drastic change, driven by competition from non-banking institutions, frequently changing business models, regulatory and compliances. We provide highly secure links with guaranteed uptimes from major data centers in the city to your locations via SD-WAN , even offering Cloud connect and much more to facilitate compliance with Data Sovereignty regulations from the government. Our state-of-the-art NOC and SOC centers ensure that we are on top of every incident on our network, increasing our reliability manyfold. Also, by embracing our Digital Transformation, transition from legacy systems to new innovations becomes easy and nonintrusive.


Choose you MSP wisely as your end customers choose you for your services.

Hospitality or Hotel Industry is one of biggest Competing Industries. Also, it has been the most severely impacted during pandemic era. Keeping up with growing technologies is very much essential for this industry. Hence, we see there is drastic change the way this industry has been operating, not only to enhance operational efficiency but improve customer experience and Quality of Service. Hospitality Industry rely heavily on IT systems, for booking and payments and in order to boost customer experience they must have robust and reliable IT Infrastructure. This includes IT systems up to date, keep data secure and offering advice on cost-effective solutions. Microscan will help you in reducing business cost, proactive approach so that problem does not occur, Ensure Compliance, Security which will enhance overall customer experience.

HealthCare, Pharma & Life Sciences

Let's not take IT Needs for granted as we not take health.

For years we all were taking treatment face-to-face. With Digital advancements and new technologies, treatment can also be taken remotely over video/phone calls, which we have lately seen during pandemic period. Real time onboarding of patients, minimize paperwork, speeding up diagnosis and reporting with help of AI and enable virtual health care, execute complex mass vaccination drives is need of the day. Moreover, this industry accumulates sensitive information of customers including card numbers, blood groups, healthcare information, etc. which makes healthcare industry the primary targets for hackers. Improving access, coverage and quality of health services depends on the ways services are organized and managed - With modern technology and digital transformation we can redefine the healthcare sector, the focus must be on shifting from service/support operations to new technologies that incorporate tools and methodologies which enhance the Current System in more secured manner, mitigate queries and improve the patient/user experience.


Making our economic backbone stronger and help complying to Version 4.0.

Yes, the Digital Industrial Revolution is already happening. Manufacturing industry is evolving to comply with 4.0, where information and introduction of Computers and automation playing a vital role. This evolution will drastically affect all of us as Manufacturing Industry is considered as backbone of both Social and Economic Development. This industry is currently facing challenges to evolve from conventional methods which includes, Widening skill gap, Supply Chain complexities, Product Recalls, Equipment failures, Misleading Market Expectations, Cyber Attacks, etc. At Microscan, we help you to overcome above obstacles through Machine Learning, IoT/Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Big Data, 3D Printing, AR and VR. We will help you embrace digital transformation and with our team of experts can guide at your every step of Cloud Journey.

Information & Communication Technology

Providing 100% managed & secured IT infra services, with support of digital transformation for a demanding, dynamic and transforming ICT industry.

ICT and Digital Economy are the major economic drivers contributing 13% to India's GDP. It is a vast umbrella comprising of Computers & Network, Television, Mobile Devices, Satellite, etc along with different modes of communication; covering devices capable of transmitting, receiving, storing, maintaining and modifying data in electronic or digital form. Post pandemic, there is huge difference the way operations are handled. ICT is evolving rapidly and alternatives are being looked upon to ease operations. Moreover, ICT has vast repository of user data including PII and hence is primary target for hackers. Our ICT customers have extremely stringent connectivity, security and compliance requirements. We connect geographically dispersed offices of such players with ease through our SDWAN solutions. Our security solutions ensure that the employees can access their corporate network through anywhere in the world without having to worry about security breaches and threats. Microscan helps handling above challenges, be it CyberSecurity, Digital Transformation, Cloud Management, Compliance or be it Projects. We can do it all.

Travel, Transportation & Logistics

We help manage your Connectivity, Security & handle compliance issues to help you move businesses with speed and efficiency.

Transport & Logistics Industry is under tremendous pressure. There is a race in delivering goods to gain competitive advantage, while still using legacy methods. Major challenges that this industry faces are lack of visibility, legacy management systems, demand variance, inconsistency in tracking, fragmented communication, vague processes and importantly Customer Satisfaction. We can help digitize and transform T&L industry, provide better & Secured connectivity for its branches, define business processes to overcome above hurdles, manage compliances and help improve Customer Satisfaction.

Retail, CPG & E-Commerce

Your Trusted IT partner in providing Ultimate Online Shopping Experience.

Though tremendous growth in past few years, specifically post covid, Retail, CPG & E-Commerce industry is lagging in Digitalization efforts hence missing out many opportunities and leverage customer insights. Majority of retailers accumulate huge customer data at POS through various sources and hence need of Compliance and Security grows drastically. Microscan can help retailers improve customer satisfaction & engagement by helping them digitize their stores & operations. Our cloud services, Security and managed services help retailers enter the hyper-connected world & be battle-ready to face the new age competitive pressures. Avail our bouquet of solutions to better manage your operations, supply chain and reduce your OPEX costs significantly.


Revolutionizing Education and help making it accessible to everyone.

A remarkable quote by John Dewey - “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s we rob them of tomorrow”. Well, the way education was imparted has changed a lot in past few years. Many educators have previously thought of digitalizing education, but this pandemic has given the necessary thrust and boost. This is going to further change ahead with Artificial Intelligence, Learning Management Systems, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Gamification, etc. At Microscan, we have the expertise to understand the growing needs of education sector. We will guide you in each step of your digital transformation journey, be it Cloud Migration or implementing AI/ML Solutions. We will also mitigate unwanted risks, provide effective security, and maintain required compliance. With esteemed institutions like St. Xavier’s College, Hiranandani Foundation School and Oberoi International School as our clientele, rest assured that your online education requirements can be met with Microscan’s managed services.

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Padmanabhan Iyer

General Manager Networks, Adani Data Networks Limited

We at Adani Data Networks Limited have visited Microscan Communications NOC and Cyber Defence Centre setup at Pune and indeed it is a state of art infrastructure ready to serve customers for any MS requirements. This is world class facility built on the foundational pillars of People, Process and Technology to cater to Mission Critical services. 


Adani Data Networks Limited sees Microscan as one of its probable strategic partners in its endeavour to provide dedicated and Quality services through NOC and SOC to ADNL ‘s customers.

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