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Azure Cloud Advisory & Managed Services

With Our Azure Managed Services and 24/7 Support, 
We Guarantee the Continuous and Successful Operation of your Azure Cloud Services



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At Microscan Communications, we excel in managing, migrating, and optimizing Azure cloud environments, ensuring that small and large-sized businesses enjoy cost-effective, trouble-free operations. Our team of Azure experts takes charge of your cloud consumption, helping you achieve cost efficiency while empowering your IT team to operate more efficiently. Partnering with a certified Azure specialist guarantees that you're working with dedicated professionals who truly understand the Azure ecosystem.

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Our AzureCloud Services

Consulting Services

Managed Services.png

Managed Services

Migrations and Deployment.png

Migrations and Deployment

Cost Optimisation.png

Cost Optimisation

Cloud Security.png

Cloud Security

DevOps Implementation and Delivery.png

DevOps Implementation & Delivery

Benefits of migrating to Azure with Microscan Communications

Azure migration with Microscan Communications offers seamless cloud transition, leveraging robust infrastructure for scalability and adaptability. Microscan Communications Azure expertise ensures smooth integration, minimizing disruptions.


Benefit from advanced Azure security and Microscan Communications data protection commitment for confident safeguarding. Empower your business with Azure, enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

1. Seamless Migrations

Smooth and hassle-free migrations handled by Azure technical experts, offering customized solutions for migration, support & optimizations.

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2. Cost-Efficient Management

Gain cost control by paying solely for your actual usage, with transparent cost tracking.

3. Dedicated Account Guidance

Exceptional account managers who excel at their job, seamlessly integrating with your business team.

4. Fortified Security Solutions

Compliance and the highest security standards ensure minimized risks and assured success.

Azure Migration Process

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Collaboratively, we uncover your distinct business obstacles and envisioned results.


Crafting a tailor-made strategy, we architect an Azure solution to achieve your defined objectives.

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Embracing a DevOps-centric approach, we swiftly deploy and expedite value realization.

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Sustainably refining your solution through our Microsoft Partnership, we keep it aligned with cutting-edge technology.

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Our Azure Managed Services & 24x7 Support Includes

Deploy / Migrate


  • Policy Management

  • Cost Management


  • Security Management

  • Threat Protection


  • Configuration

  • Update Management

  • Automation

  • Scripting


  • Backup / Restore

  • Disaster Recovery


  • App. Infra & Network Monitoring

  • Log Analytics & Diagnostics

01Service Monitoring.png

Service Monitoring

Setup Performance Monitors

Create Availability Alerts

Azure Service Monitoring

Establish Escalation Procedures

03Issue Management.png

Issue Management

Provide Issue MGT System

Manage Incident Lifecycles

Formal Incident Analysis

Resolve According to SLA

05System Maintenance.png

System Maintenance

OS Patching

Azure Scheduled Events

Platform Updates

Change Management Procedures

02Technical Support.png

Technical Support

Diagnose Service Issues

Recommend Remediations

Standardized Runbooks

Corrective Maintenance

04Managed Backups.png

Managed Backups

Create a Backup Plan

Schedule Backups

Perform Data Recovery

Manage Retention



SSL Cert Management

Enabled Auditing Tools

User Account Management

Compliance Configurations

Padmanabhan Iyer

General Manager Networks, Adani Data Networks Limited

We at Adani Data Networks Limited have visited Microscan Communications NOC and Cyber Defence Centre setup at Pune and indeed it is a state of art infrastructure ready to serve customers for any MS requirements. This is world class facility built on the foundational pillars of People, Process and Technology to cater to Mission Critical services. 


Adani Data Networks Limited sees Microscan as one of its probable strategic partners in its endeavour to provide dedicated and Quality services through NOC and SOC to ADNL ‘s customers.

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